Satellite-based liquid monitoring

Merchandise Oct. 27, 2023

Known for their innovation in the animal performance and electric fencing spaces, Gallagher is launching a new range focussed on measuring tank performance and making it easy for Australians to stay on top of their most important resource: their water.

Keeping an eye on water levels is an important task but it can be time-consuming and a hindrance to productivity levels, says Gallagher national key account lead Rod Johnson.

Recently signing a distribution agreement with Australian company Gasbot, Gallagher is excited to introduce a satellite-based Liquid Monitoring system to their line-up of innovative solutions for Australian farmers.

Now landholders can keep an eye on their tanks no matter how remote the property.

Mr Johnson said Gallagher’s Satellite Liquid Monitoring System is designed to make measuring water tank performance as simple as it needs to be.

The system uses satellite communications to transmit data from the tanks to the user’s mobile phone, providing easy access to tank information in remote and hard-to-reach locations.

He said having access to a satellite-based solution is important in the Australian market, given the remoteness and rurality of properties across the country.

It minimises the need for manual tank readings, which is impractical for many Australian farmers, and can be highly time-consuming and prone to errors.

Mr Johnson said the Satellite Liquid Monitoring System is easy to install and activate, with easy-to-follow instructions to ensure complication-free water monitoring.

“Once installed correctly, the system sends an alert to the user’s phone up to four times a day with up-to-date information on water tank levels, meaning that the farmer can always ensure that levels are where they need to be.

“The custom-built app can be used across multiple water tanks, so you can keep an eye on your entire property, regardless of how remotely the tanks are located. First year subscription to the custom-built app, powered by Gasbot is included with the purchase of the device.

“This system also offers users the flexibility to measure on-farm tanks containing liquids other than water, such as fuel or fertiliser. This means customers can have peace of mind across all their on-farm liquid assets, no matter how far away they keep their tanks!”

The device has a battery life expectancy of over seven years, for long-term value and continued security over assets.

Mr Johnson said Gallagher is passionate about helping their customers keep their assets secure, while saving time and money, and a satellite-based tank level monitoring system is a natural integration with the already impressive line-up of agricultural solutions.

Gallagher Satellite Liquid Monitoring is available now in Australia through Gallagher’s rural reseller network.

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