New powdery mildew option in cucurbits

Merchandise Oct. 28, 2023

Powdery mildew is a persistent adversary Australian cucurbit growers deal with each year in their melon, squash, zucchini and cucumber crops.

However, Jock Leys, marketing and business development manager at Sumitomo Chemical Australia points out they are delighted to announce that their fungicide, Intuity, has recently received registration for powdery mildew control in cucurbits and is set to provide growers a new level of control for this age-old problem.

A ‘game-changer’

Mr Leys said Intuity fungicide is a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation in disease control.

“Developed by Sumitomo Chemical Japan and extensively tested locally by Sumitomo in Australia, this unique Group 11 fungicide with latex adjuvant technology has garnered recognition for its effectiveness in managing a wide range of diseases across a range of crops.

“Its latest registration for powdery mildew control in cucurbits, however, will offer best in class disease control for growers in the fight against this disease.”

Powdery mildew threat

A persistent threat to cucurbit crops, Mr Leys said powdery mildew is a perennial concern for farmers and agronomists growing cucurbits.

This disease is characterised by the formation of white, powdery spots on the leaves and stems, ultimately reducing crop quality and yield. The warm and dry climate conditions in Australia create an ideal environment for the rapid spread of powdery mildew, making it essential for growers to have effective control measures in place.

“Effective powdery mildew control is crucial as it directly impacts the quality and marketability of the produce,” Mr Leys said. “Unchecked powdery mildew can lead to reduced fruit size, deformities, and even premature fruit drop.

“Moreover, the fungus can spread rapidly, threatening the entire crop, and leading to significant economic losses. By gaining registration for powdery mildew control in cucurbits, Intuity fungicide offers growers a powerful new tool to combat this persistent threat.”

Proven performance

Intuity fungicide has already established a reputation for excellence in disease management, with previous registrations for controlling sclerotinia (white mould) in lettuce, green beans, and bulb onions.

Mr Leys said its high level of performance in these crops has made it a trusted choice among growers and agronomists looking to protect yields and profits.

“By expanding its scope to include powdery mildew control in cucurbits, Intuity continues to demonstrate its versatility and effectiveness across different crop types. This broad-spectrum activity ensures that farmers and agronomists have a reliable solution to address multiple disease challenges across multiple crops in their operations.

“Sumitomo is committed to research and development and combined with its dedication to providing Australian growers with effective and economical solutions, has culminated in this new registration for Intuity fungicide.

“Intuity not only addresses the immediate needs of cucurbit growers but also fits well when incorporated into current disease control programs with fungicides of different modes of action (Intuity is a Group 11 fungicide).

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