Regulator issues licence authorising the limited and controlled release of chickpea genetically modified (GM) for drought and other environmental stress tolerance.

Winter cropping May 28, 2019

Submissions are summarised in Appendix A and B of the RARMP, together with information about how the issues raised relating to risks to human health and safety or the environment were considered in preparing and finalising the RARMP.

The finalised RARMP concludes that this field trial poses negligible risks to the health and safety of people and the environment, thus it does not require specific risk treatment measures. However, licence conditions have been imposed to limit the size, location and duration of the release and to restrict spread and persistence of the GMOs and their genetic material in the environment, as these were important considerations for the RARMP.

The finalised RARMP, a summary of the RARMP, the licence and Questions and Answers about this decision can be obtained online from the DIR 166 page of the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator’s (OGTR) website or requested via the contacts detailed below. An interactive map showing locations of field trial sites, once planted, can also be found on the OGTR website.

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