Agsafe's New Agvet Chemical Supplier Course

Agsafe is pleased to announce the release of a new version of the course for all training offered after 1st May 2020.

The new version still contains all the key elements of the 2015 course with an increased emphasis on the products and procedures found in a modern agricultural merchandise premises or warehouse.  With a high level of individual interaction, the new course focuses on the participants workplace and their interaction with Agvet Chemicals.

The 2020 version includes up to date information on Regulatory requirements, while the upgraded flow of material better ties key concepts together improving the outcomes for participants and employers alike.

The key topics in the new 2020 version include:

  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Health and Exposure
  • Understanding Product Labels
  • Transport (both Dangerous and non-Dangerous Goods)
  • Storage
  • Emergency Planning

The course will provide staff, including warehouse and logistics personnel, sales and counter staff, managers and agronomists with the information they require to perform their tasks associated with the handling and storage of chemicals in a safe and compliant manner.

First-time participants need to complete a short pre-course quiz prior to undertaking the Agvet Chemical Suppliers Course.

Presented by Agsafe’s industry experienced trainers, the new modern version is equally suitable as a one day Face to Face course of a series of 3 webinars (about 2.5 hours each).

Below are dates for upcoming courses via webinar in May (all times are AEST);

7th May   ACSC Session 1   10.00AM
7th May   ACSC Session 2   2.00PM
8th May   ACSC Session 3   10.00AM

11th May   ACSC Session 1   10.00AM
11th May   ACSC Session 2   2.00PM
12th May   ACSC Session 3   10.00AM

13th May   ACSC Session 1   10.00AM
13th May   ACSC Session 2   2.00PM
14th May   ACSC Session 3   10.00AM

19th May   ACSC Session 1   10.00AM
19th May   ACSC Session 2   2.00PM
20th May   ACSC Session 3   10.00AM

26th May   ACSC Session 1   10.00AM
26th May   ACSC Session 2   2.00PM
27th May   ACSC Session 3   10.00AM

Source: Agsafe

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