UPL Australia to distribute Penncozeb

Rural Business Sept. 22, 2020

Ian Cass, UPL Australia marketing manager, said Penncozeb is one of the most recognised and trusted mancozeb brands in the world.

“Its superior quality results in excellent efficacy against over 50 diseases in more than 70 crops,” he said.

“UPL has updated the Penncozeb packaging to vacuum-sealed plastic bags, which helps maintain product integrity and shelf life, as well as making it easier for stacking and transport.”

Made by UPL, the world's largest manufacturer of mancozeb, Penncozeb is the world’s largest selling and most trusted protectant fungicide.

It controls a large number of diseases across a broad range of crops, forming the backbone of disease management programs in crops such as pulses, vines, tree crops, vegetables and ornamentals.

“Users of Penncozeb can expect continued supply of this market leading product well into the future,” Mr Cass said.

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