Three novel products from AgNova

Merchandise Sept. 13, 2023

Growers of strawberries, olives, grapes, citrus, tree nuts, cane berries, pome, stone and tropical fruits are amongst those who will benefit from the latest novel crop protection products being introduced by AgNova Technologies.

Launching these new technologies to the Australian market, AgNova business manager Andrew Glover said the company worked closely with producers, agronomists and resellers to identify market gaps, developing and introducing new high-quality products in response.

“Three valuable new products being introduced this spring are a novel fungicide Migiwa Kinoprol Active for controlling grey mould in strawberries, and two new herbicides, Katana 250 WG and Hellcat, to tackle hard-to-kill and resistant weeds.”

Migiwa Kinoprol Active Fungicide for grey mould in strawberries:

Providing a new Group 52 mode of action (ipflufenoquin), Mr Glover said Migiwa offers excellent and reliable Botrytis grey mould control, and a valuable rotational product that targets Botrytis as it enters the plant.

“With superb crop safety, zero-day re-entry and one-day withholding period, Migiwa has been widely tested in both field and protected cropping in Australia’s major strawberry-growing regions, with excellent trial results.”

To protect the effectiveness of this valuable new fungicide against this major economic disease, Mr Glover said Migiwa would be sold through an agency system to ensure agronomists understand how it works, and its correct use within a resistance management strategy.

Katana – a new way to slash weeds in grapes, olives, citrus:

Bringing a new mode of action (flazasulfuron, Group 2) to citrus orchards, grapevines and olive groves, Mr Glover said Katana has excellent residual activity against various hard-to-kill grass and broadleaf weeds.

“Katana also has a low use-rate, a long and flexible application window, and is compatible with knockdowns.”

After being tested extensively in Australia and overseas, he said Katana would also be sold through an agency system to help retain its efficacy and manage herbicide resistance.

Hellcat for rapid knockdown

A convenient co-formulation of glufosinate-ammonium and carfentrazone-ethyl (Group 10 and 14), new contact herbicide Hellcat provides a useful resistance management tool on a broad spectrum of grass and broadleaf weeds in orchards, vineyards, cane berries, summer fallow and selected non-agricultural areas.

Ideal for use in summer fallow prior to establishment of various crops, as well as direct spray under fruit trees, tree nuts and grapevines for rapid knockdown, Mr Glover said this convenient co-formulation has been extensively tested for crop safety in Australia and internationally, controlling hard-to-kill weeds such as fleabane, wild oats and awnless barnyard grass.

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