Rabobank rolls out world-first virtual rural property valuations technology in Australia

Agribusiness July 20, 2020

The Rural Valuations Hub, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product – delivering rural intelligence at farm, regional and national scale – is helping Rabobank deliver consistent, efficient and independent property appraisals.  It provides comprehensive information enabling the bank to undertake property appraisals on a virtual basis when required – both complementing physical inspections and assisting in circumstances where these are not possible.

Rabobank Australia Chief Operating Officer Andrew Vickers said while the solution was co-created over three years to meet a specific industry-wide need, its value as a platform for remote teams, individuals and broader agribusiness had been proven during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

“While Rabobank is very much a relationship bank focussed on personal contact with our clients, we are also committed to launching innovative solutions that benefit both our customers and internal teams,” Mr Vickers said.

“We partnered with DAS to create and launch a rural valuations platform and solution that would improve property appraisals and workflows by taking advantage of advanced technological approaches to make more informed assessments.

“Part of the power of the solution is how it’s seen Rabobank support Australian agriculture as the essential business it is during COVID-19. We have been able to support the business continuity of an essential industry by using the Rural Valuations Hub to undertake rural property valuations when they weren’t able to be conducted in person because of the lockdown restrictions.”

Source: Rabobank

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