New products to mark OCP’s 30 years in ag

Fungicides July 9, 2021

“What better way to celebrate our long-standing success than to launch a whole host of new products?” says OCP innovation and business development manager Gary Leeson.

In 2021 OCP will be launching a registered organic nematicide in liquid and granular form; two organic fungicides; and an exciting range of registered organic and specialty plant nutrients.

Mr Leeson said OCP is probably best known by wine grape producers through their research and development of ecocarb, and more recently ecocarb PLUS.

He said ecocarb PLUS combines the curative properties of potassium bicarbonate with the SAR effects of potassium silicates for the control of powdery mildew and suppression of downy mildew. “Before ecocarb came along producers struggled to manage the scourge of late season powdery mildew.

“However, as most organic producers know, the best cost-effective solution for powdery mildew through the season is elemental sulfur. Hence it made sense for OCP to seek out a high-quality organic sulfur product to add to their organic fungicide portfolio.”

New products for 2021

Mr Leeson said ecosulfur 800 WG Organic Fungicide & Miticide is now available for the 2021 grape season for both ACO & NOP and conventional producers.

“Because you can’t have a full season powdery solution without a downy mildew option, OCP will be launching later in the year ecocopper 375 WG Organic Fungicide.

“ecosulfur and ecocopper are free-flowing, dustless formulations with excellent dissolution and dispersion properties along with very small, uniform particle sizes for excellent coverage and rainfastness.

Mr Leeson said ecosulfur and ecocopper join ecocarb PLUS as a full season solution for powdery and downy mildew in wine grapes.

“The OCP organic fungicide range is supported by ecoprotector for botrytis management along with our rachis stretch product STIMPLEX and bunch microbial diversity enhancing Trichoderma isolate, Metcalf Td81b,” Mr Leeson said.

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