Cut through COVID cloud

Agribusiness April 21, 2020

Autumn is a busy time as winter crop preparation takes place, crops are sown and pastures are established or renewed. It is a time of maximum communication and information requirements and a peak demand period for many sectors.

The outlook for the coming season is very optimistic, with strong demand for cropping inputs in particular. How do suppliers get their message to the stores when personal visits are restricted? Email and phone calling are obvious alternatives, but with hundreds of suppliers doing the same thing, store staff may be too busy to read or respond.

There are nearly 1500 rural merchandise stores across Australia. Every month, each store receives Rural Business magazine, directly delivering the most current and relevant news about rural merchandise.

Since its inception in 1981, Rural Business has become one of the most widely read and trusted sources of information for rural merchandise stores, providing relevant information at the right time.

AgLink CEO Ian Scutt said the industry is going through unprecedented times. “It’s difficult to draw on events that have occurred in the past to help us make decisions with today’s challenges,” he said.

“Having reliable and trusted sources of information is invaluable at this time. Rural Business provides us with a ‘source of truth’ for the agricultural industry and it’s our go-to publication for valuable insights.”

If the current limitations are preventing you from effectively communicating your message, take control and tell your story through Rural Business to have it read in every store.

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