You can’t pour from an empty cup

Agribusiness June 1, 2020

After drought, fires and the COVID-19 restrictions a new Podcast series is here to inspire you, opening your mind to new ideas and ways of dealing with the current challenges faced by everyone in Australian agriculture.

Launching this week, the 15 minute podcasts explore a new mentality, chatting to regional Australians who’ve bounced back from adversity and aren’t afraid to ‘talk the hard talk’. These are their stories, sharing new ideas and suggestions people can implement in their day-to-day life to overcome challenges or pick themselves up and keep moving forward.

Episode one talks to Warren Davies, aka The Unbreakable Farmer.

Warren’s eventful life has tested his resilience, persistence and determination, had massive impact on his young family, relationships and finances and made him the person he is today. Warren now dedicates much of his time to travelling around Australia and speaking to rural and regional communities.

Warren’s message is simple and so very important at a time when stress is seen as normal and depression is commonplace.

“As regional and rural people we’re probably tarred with that stoic brush,” says Warren. “But sometimes things get challenging and we need to be able to reach out and seek some help and make sure we’re looking after ourselves.”

The series is the initiative of UPL – a top 5 agricultural solutions global company – who through their #Open Ag initiative want to build an open agricultural network that feeds sustainable growth for all. They’re creating a network that changes the way a whole industry thinks and works, opening it up to new ideas, new ways and new answers.

The UPL Australia Podcast series is out on Apple and Spotify from 1 June. Subscribe to the series wherever you listen to podcasts or on Spotify and Apple podcasts.


Source: UPL

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