Cadmium information now available on the Fertilizer Australia website

Fertilisers Aug. 24, 2020

Thanks to co-operation with the CSIRO, the Fertilizer Australia website now contains updated information from the National Cadmium Minimisation Strategy (NCMS) on cadmium management in agriculture. 
This site has recently been revised by Australia’s leading scientist on this topic, Professor Mike McLaughlin.
In 2002, Australia adopted the National Cadmium Minimisation Strategy to maintain safe levels of cadmium in agricultural soils and crops, ensuring safe food for Australians and a competitive edge for our agricultural exports.
A National Cadmium Management Committee (NCMC), comprising representatives of all Australian states, the Commonwealth, CSIRO, the National Farmers' Federation and the Fertilizer Industry Federation of Australia (now Fertilizer Australia), implemented the strategy between 2002 and 2006.
The Committee’s information on cadmium management was previously available online from the CSIRO. Fertilizer Australia has determined this information should remain available to the public and has agreed to host and continually update it on the Fertilizer Australia website at:

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