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March 2021

Released March 15, 2021

Inside this Issue:

Agribusiness News

  • MG Trading now AG Warehouse
  • Bayer launches digital farming business
  • Herbicide MoA classification changes
  • Nutrien buys WA Mirco Bros hort business
  • APVMA hits performance marks for Q4
  • Bayer divests Environment Div for crops


  • Communities collect over 5 million containers

On The Move

Profile- David Leyonhjelm

  • An overwhelming sense of déja vù

Rural Business

  • The importance of becoming HR compliant
  • The journey of FMC’s Overwatch Herbicide
  • Driving innovation from the foundations
  • IT grads building future of agriculture


  • Manual invoicing. The elephant in the room…


  • Canola grazing now an option with Saltro Duo
  • Off-shears fly claim for CLiK Extra
  • Save growers unwanted damage
  • Dual purpose wheat shows big potential
  • CCC's Cheers WeatherShield - outperforms
  • MaxCare best infant animal nutrition
  • Affordable remote water monitoring
  • Palatability is the key to bait success
  • Caution when supplying rodenticides
  • New baits for safer, better mouse control


  • Perfect storm creates fertiliser price spike

INSIGHTS: Fencing, livestock handling & ID

  • Gallagher gold standard at Qld’s Cracow Station
  • JVA IP Energiser enables wi-fi control of fences
  • Huge genomic gains in livestock DNA testing
  • Datamars makes weighing easier than ever
  • New way of reducing stress-induced losses

INSIGHTS: Slug & Snail Control

  • Effective snail control starts now in vines
  • Gear up for broadacre slug and snail control
  • Axcela metaldehyde bait now available in Australia
  • Multiguard – Australian made and still the best!
  • New molluscicide also controls other pests

INSIGHTS: Fertilisers

  • AGROTAIN-powered NEXEN secures N in crops
  • Advantage Agriculture solves uptake problems
  • Fertigation now readily accessible
  • Enzymes boost nutrients and residue breakdown
  • Assessing fertilisers on reliable evidence